Day 151: TDEE project week 7 weigh-in.

Today was my weigh-in for the end of week 7 of my TDEE project. Current stats:

Week 7
Current weight: 245.8 lbs
Weight change this week: +2.2 lbs
Average daily kCal this week: 2598

Over 2 weeks at 2600 kcal
Total weight change: +0.4 lbs
Average weekly weight change: +0.2 lbs
Average daily kcal: 2679

Oy. So much going on here.

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Day 150: five km!

This blog and my move toward better health and fat loss are 150 days old. I am pretty amazed at myself. That’s a long time and a good indication I can sustain this for the long haul. High five, self!

Today I ran 5k for the first time! It took a little over 36 minutes. It wasn’t my fastest pace but it wasn’t my slowest either and I was pretty consistent throughout which is great! It was cool and drizzly, which is my new favorite running weather–not wet enough to get you soaked and freezing, but wet enough to feel refreshing, like rubbing a cool washcloth over your face when you’re hot and sweaty. Continue reading

Day 149: lazy day

Steady rain all day today. Love it. On the downside it makes me a little homesick.

Typical Saturday: I run, I make breakfast, we watch some Burn Notice (it’s goofy and kind of dumb and doesn’t take itself seriously — like Saturday morning cartoons for grownups!), we chillax. I didn’t run today because I ran yesterday and just like I’m not interested in strength training two days in a row, I don’t want to run two days in a row. I like to give my muscles a break. (Though I would happily hike every day. Take that, muscles.) So I’ll run tomorrow instead; fingers crossed it’s still raining. 🙂

Today I baked a loaf of soda bread. It came out well! Perk of eating the food: bread (gasp carbs!), with butter (gasp saturated fat!), no guilt.

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Day 148: negative splits!

I ran this morning. It was supposed to be a strength training day but it is raining!!! And we all know how I feel about rain (love), and how sad the California drought is making me. I have not gotten to run in the rain once since starting I started my fitness training back in September. So really, it had to be done. And it was every bit as amazing as I hoped. I felt so good while I was running, I haven’t felt this good on a run in a while. I changed my route just a little bit — instead of running part of the loop twice, I made a “lollipop” – partway through the loop I turned off my usual route and made a “lollipop stick” with the normal loop as the round sugary candy part. I really liked it and I think I will make it my usual route. Anyway, I felt so energized this morning on my run, that this happened:


That’s negative splits almost the whole run (which I didn’t set out to do). It wasn’t *quite* my fastest average pace, but it’s my fastest average pace since I started running 30 minutes; and it’s the most consistent my pace has been without slowing way down. What with the rain and the results from my run today, I feel amazing.

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Day 147: a good thing

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you probably remember all my angst and anxiety about being jobless, and then I finally got a job in Clearlake, CA. (It hasn’t started yet. Still waiting on my SLP licensure to come through. Such a slow, tedious process. On the plus side, it’s given me lots of time for house-hunting.) I am psyched but the one downside was that there are no jobs there for the BF, who is a computational linguist and has also been job hunting. Most of the jobs in his field are in the Bay Area. We figured, Clearlake isn’t too bad because it’s only a couple hours from Sac (where we are now) and a couple hours from SF (where he would probably find a job) so even if we couldn’t live together it’s close enough for every weekend. Well, we worried for nothing, because he has just accepted an amazing offer for a half-travel, half-remote job! He’ll have to travel a lot, but he’ll get to live with me. Even if it works out to about the same amount of time spent together, it feels different when you’re sharing a house. I am so excited and proud of him. 🙂

Day 146: “The Biggest Loser” does some more damage

The BF and I don’t have TV (we have a TV set, which we use for DVDs and netflix, but no actual television reception) and I like it that way. It used to be because I hated all the commercials but now that I’ve gone 5 years without it, these days I also hate the programming; this is ever more apparent to me whenever we visit various people whose TVs are always on in the background, or when I visit my parents and flip through the guide. 500 channels and nothing on. How is that even possible?

Anyway, because we don’t have TV, I am to some extent excluded/immune from various pop culture events. (If it’s not on netflix or available from the library I haven’t seen it.) Example: The Biggest Loser. I’ve heard of it, and I’ve read some of the articles critical of their methods, but I’ve never seen it. Then today a couple blogs I really like had posts (So Much Fattitude and Fit and Feminist) about the final episode of this season of The Biggest Loser, which apparently happened last night.

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