Baby steps onto the elevator, baby steps into the elevator…

In the spirit of taking small achieveable steps, have a relevant clip from one of my favorite movies, What About Bob?:

In the great black hole of fitness and health the last few months, on top of irregular exercise, I have not been tracking my food. Some days were nonetheless great eating wise –eat when hungry, stop when full, focus on getting enough fruits and vegetables. But other days were NOT great, and I ate “too much” (to discomfort), or didn’t eat when hungry (“too busy”) or managed only a single fruit during the day (my morning breakfast apple).

Also, almost a month ago, I took off my fitbit. I felt bad about the constant reminder that I wasn’t doing “enough” (which, of course, was completely self-attributed based on guilt; the fitbit is neutral and can’t make value judgements).

The whole process of my search for better health through intuitive eating and increased physical activity can feel overwhelming when, because of my commute (and mandatory lunchtime. Seriously, can I not eat lunch in the car on my crazy long drive between facilities???), my “8-hour workday” keeps me away from home 11-12 hours a day, 5 days per week. I do not envy the folks who do this for their whole careers: lawyers, specialized physicians, etc.

But I’ve been focusing on small changes, one at a time, because that’s how habits are formed, and my food and exercise choices have to fit in my life as it is NOW, not the idealized version where I actually have a (currently impossible) 8-hour workday. So I’ve been walking, and doing ankle rehab, and some bodyweight squats. It’s something, and doing something is better than nothing.

So this week I tried tracking (with myfitnesspal) my food again for a couple days. I specifically decided, in advance, that I wasn’t tracking with ANY type of goals in mind, calories or protein or whatever–it would be a truly neutral process, a small step toward going back to eating with particular nutrition goals in mind. And I did ok with it, so I’m going to keep it up. Still no specific nutrition goals yet. Small steps, sustainable habits.

This morning I put my fitbit back on. I plan to take a walk today and I realized I wanted to know how many steps I would be getting in. Another small step.

Pulling yourself back on the wagon (any wagon!) can be tough. But I am getting there. One small step at a time.



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