Epic NSV! and a derailment. and an emotional roller coaster. not in that order.

My parents always told me Julie meant “youthful” but I’m starting to believe it has a secret second meaning, “she who rolls with the punches.” Because there are just so many punches these days. And I’m still rolling.

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A goal for June

The BF and I were talking about heading down to Joshua Tree for the Leonids meteor shower in November. I want my fitness level to be better so I can hike! That means moving more. It’s not just exercise, it’s training.

So, my goal for June: Walk 10000 steps (and continue working on my ankle) every day. That will mean a walk every day, but nothing crazy–I get in more than half that at work every day. And I enjoy my weekend walks.

It’s an achievable goal. Today is June 1. Off for a walk… Right after we get back from Maleficent. 🙂

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