About me

My name is Julie. I’m 30 years old. When I started this blog, I was unfit and fat, and I said I wanted to be fit–if unfat happened too, then great! I made some big changes in my life to make that happen. It’s a slow process, but I’m noticeably fitter (better cardiovascular fitness, increased metabolism, increased strength, some visible muscles) and I’ve lost almost 20 pounds starting this journey. I have never been happier in my body.

For the longer version of how I hit my rock bottom and started this process in the first place (flirtation with anorexia! Broken, then bionic, limbs! Piracy on the high seas!), go here.

For info about my goals and progress charts, go here.

I run (slowly). I started running with Couch to 5K (C25k), and it took me 19 weeks to finish the program. Now I’m training for my first 5k. I track my running with runkeeper. If you want to be my runkeeper friend, go here.

I love strength training. I track my strength training at fitocracy. If you want to be my fito friend, go here.

I track my food with myfitnesspal. If you want to be my MFP friend, go here. The first thing you’ll notice on my MFP page is that I eat a lot (seriously — at least 2400 kCal per day) and no food is off limits (dessert every day. Holla.), but I lose weight for the simple reason that I burn more calories than I take in. I believe in food. Food fuels my body and mind, food gives me pleasure, and food is the centerpiece of many wonderful moments with friends and family. Food is good, it is not the enemy, and it is not something I want to fight with. We live in a society that glorifies undereating and overtraining and that makes me sad.  There’s a lot more information about eating enough food in my TDEE posts.


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