Epic NSV! and a derailment. and an emotional roller coaster. not in that order.

My parents always told me Julie meant “youthful” but I’m starting to believe it has a secret second meaning, “she who rolls with the punches.” Because there are justย so many punches these days. And I’m still rolling.

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A goal for June

The BF and I were talking about heading down to Joshua Tree for the Leonids meteor shower in November. I want my fitness level to be better so I can hike! That means moving more. It’s not just exercise, it’s training.

So, my goal for June: Walk 10000 steps (and continue working on my ankle) every day. That will mean a walk every day, but nothing crazy–I get in more than half that at work every day. And I enjoy my weekend walks.

It’s an achievable goal. Today is June 1. Off for a walk… Right after we get back from Maleficent. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Baby steps onto the elevator, baby steps into the elevator…

In the spirit of taking small achieveable steps, have a relevant clip from one of my favorite movies,ย What About Bob?:

In the great black hole of fitness and health the last few months, on top of irregular exercise, I have not been tracking my food. Some days were nonetheless great eating wise –eat when hungry, stop when full, focus on getting enough fruits and vegetables. But other days were NOT great, and I ate “too much” (to discomfort), or didn’t eat when hungry (“too busy”) or managed only a single fruit during the day (my morning breakfast apple).

Also, almost a month ago, I took off my fitbit. I felt bad about the constant reminder that I wasn’t doing “enough” (which, of course, was completely self-attributed based on guilt; the fitbit is neutral and can’t make value judgements).

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A walk

I realized something today: my job is really hard, but not for the reason I initially would have expected (hard work, challenging, heavy caseload; though it is all those things too).

I am an introvert. (INFJ if you’re into Myers Briggs.) Contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t mean I dislike people (I like people a lot! I love a great conversation. Although I can be pretty awkward at parties…), or even that I don’t want to spend time with them. It just means that spending time alone restores my energy, whereas spending time with people exhausts my energy. It’s opposite for extroverts.

As a speech language pathologist, I make my living by spending time with people. Lots of people. Constantly. If I’m not with a patient I’m consulting with the PT or OT. Or nurses. Or doctors. Or dietitians. Or kitchen staff. Its a neat job, always interesting, but for an introvert, inherently exhausting. I talk about hating the insane commute, and I do, but really the exhausting part is less the commute and more the job itself, simply because I am an introvert and people make me tired.

Today was a light day and I headed home early. Even with the commute I was home before 5. It felt pretty amazing. After I got home I took an hourlong walk in the sunshine. I’m about to go do some ankle exercises and maybe some squats if I feel up to it after the ankle stuff. Maybe TMI but my digestive system has been pretty unhappy today and the walk sorted that out. There are so many benefits to physical activity beyond reshaping bodies and weight loss. I feel GOOD and I will sleep well tonight. And all I did was take a walk.

On ankles

1. Something is better than nothing.
2. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

With that in mind, this weekend I started an ankle rehab program-just a couple different exercises. It’s early days but starting small was, it turned out, the clever option because by the evening my ankle was pretty sore–just from using it in ways I never have to. And today after work, I added in body weight squats. The whole thing took about 15 minutes. There’s room for added complexity but still plenty of progress over the next few weeks. And it’s what I tell OTHER people all the time: do what you can because doing something is better than nothing.

It’s not a 5k, or 10x50lb goblet squats, but it’s SOMETHING, and I feel good about it. Here’s what I did:
1. Toe walks/heel walks/side of foot walks on grass: 10 sets each of 10 steps forward+10 steps backward.
2. 2×10 1-leg standing calf raises transitioning to…standing calf dips? I don’t have a name for the second part of this.
3. bent-leg calf stretch against the wall x20 seconds–great for ankle ROM
4. Kneeling–great for ankle ROM

5×10 body weight squats. My glutes will be sore tomorrow because it’s been awhile since I squatted.

If I can fit this in just 1 more work day, I’m set till this weekend, when maybe I can add in another ankle exercise and another bodyweight exercise, and build slowly to half an hour. I am hoping so hard for a manageable week at work.

Day 149: lazy day

Steady rain all day today. Love it. On the downside it makes me a little homesick.

Typical Saturday: I run, I make breakfast, we watch some Burn Notice (it’s goofy and kind of dumb and doesn’t take itself seriously — like Saturday morning cartoons for grownups!), we chillax. I didn’t run today because I ran yesterday and just like I’m not interested in strength training two days in a row, I don’t want to run two days in a row. I like to give my muscles a break. (Though I would happily hike every day. Take that, muscles.) So I’ll run tomorrow instead; fingers crossed it’s still raining. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I baked a loaf of soda bread. It came out well! Perk of eating the food: bread (gasp carbs!), with butter (gasp saturated fat!), no guilt.

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Day 147: a good thing

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you probably remember all my angst and anxiety about being jobless, and then I finally got a job in Clearlake, CA. (It hasn’t started yet. Still waiting on my SLP licensure to come through. Such a slow, tedious process. On the plus side, it’s given me lots of time for house-hunting.) I am psyched but the one downside was that there are no jobs there for the BF, who is a computational linguist and has also been job hunting. Most of the jobs in his field are in the Bay Area. We figured, Clearlake isn’t too bad because it’s only a couple hours from Sac (where we are now) and a couple hours from SF (where he would probably find a job) so even if we couldn’t live together it’s close enough for every weekend. Well, we worried for nothing, because he has just accepted an amazing offer for a half-travel, half-remote job!ย He’ll have to travel a lot, but he’ll get to live with me. Even if it works out to about the same amount of time spent together, it feels different when you’re sharing a house. I am so excited and proud of him. ๐Ÿ™‚