Day 146: “The Biggest Loser” does some more damage

The BF and I don’t have TV (we have a TV set, which we use for DVDs and netflix, but no actual television reception) and I like it that way. It used to be because I hated all the commercials but now that I’ve gone 5 years without it, these days I also hate the programming; this is ever more apparent to me whenever we visit various people whose TVs are always on in the background, or when I visit my parents and flip through the guide. 500 channels and nothing on. How is that even possible?

Anyway, because we don’t have TV, I am to some extent excluded/immune from various pop culture events. (If it’s not on netflix or available from the library I haven’t seen it.) Example: The Biggest Loser. I’ve heard of it, and I’ve read some of the articles critical of their methods, but I’ve never seen it. Then today a couple blogs I really like had posts (So Much Fattitude and Fit and Feminist) about the final episode of this season of The Biggest Loser, which apparently happened last night.

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Day 92: keepin on

The air conditioning was out at the gym today and it was practically a sauna. Holy mother of Elvis I didn’t sweat that much going for a run outside in August. Just gross.

Also, I weighed myself today (for the great TDEE project). No pressure. I’m starting with 2200 kcal per day but honestly I think that will be too low. I am pretty hungry this evening and I’ve already used up my calories for the day. But I need to maintain this for a few weeks in order to know for sure whether that’s TDEE, surplus, or deficit. Watch this space.

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Day 91: sea change

A small administrative change here at Yankee Girl Gets Fit: I’ve been tracking my food at myfitnesspal. It’s a pain to track it twice, once here and once there. I’m going to stop tracking here. I’m posting a link to my myfitnesspal account here (and in the About Me page) so that anyone who wants to, can follow my food journal (uh, that’s nobody, right?). I think I can still address dietary issues here without daily food logs.

This small change reflects a much bigger change that I think has been coming for awhile. It’s been easy, conceptually, to track macronutrient exchanges instead of calories, and digging through the MFP database and adding recipes is sort of a pain. So why am I switching over? Several reasons.

I care about the number of calories I consume insofar as I want to eat at a very small deficit, 250-500kcal per day, given that the only sustainable weight loss is moderate weight loss. Perhaps even more importantly, caloric hyper-restriction (such as that required by fad diets and conventional “wisdom”) triggers binge eating. Even infrequent binge eating behavior, averaged over the long term, typically puts you over your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure), causing weight gain.

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Day 90: the measurement day that wasn’t

Today is Measurement Day. I didn’t take any measurements.

I woke up this morning and considered the pros and cons of measuring. Pros: stay accountable, stay honest, and the numbers don’t matter as long as I’m making healthy choices food- and fitness-wise. Cons: this month has been shaky. There was the lost week after Thanksgiving, and this week has been filled with too much food that doesn’t make me feel good and not enough exercise (or, honestly, movement of any kind) due to extremely unusual circumstances.

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Day 54: a victory

Forgot to post last night– went to go see All Is Lost the Robert Redford film which was wonderful. Who needs dialogue anyway. 😉

Today was the first day in a log time that I’ve had a really strong urge to weigh myself. I know that it’s because I’m back on track and my history with the scale is obsessive weighing when I’m making good food and fitness choices. But I resisted: blogging every day and making mostly good food and exercise choices means I get an extra week before measurements, and an extra week to make up for the very iffy 2 1/2 weeks I finally got past. High five, self.
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