Fitness goals

Fitness goals:

1. Do a good squat, good form, with weight  11/13/13: dumbbell goblet squat
1.1 Do a good squat, good form, with bare barbell
1.2 Do a good squat, good form, with weighted barbell

2. Do an unassisted pull up

3. Do a standard horizontal push up from my toes

4. Finish C25K 2/1/14
4.1 Actually run 5k, which will probably take longer than 30 minutes 2/9/14 (36:30)
4.2 Run 5k in 33 minutes
4.3 Run 5k in 30 minutes

5. Walk to Mordor.
5.1 Walk to Rivendell

6. Goal weight 1: 236. lbs (starting weight -10%)
6.1 Goal weight 2: 220 lbs
6.2 Goal weight 3: 200 lbs
6.3 Goal weight 4: 190 lbs
6.4 Goal weight 5: 180 lbs (current final goal weight, subject to change as I get closer and my body composition changes)

You can follow my progress (miles walked towards Mordor, running, weight and measurements) here. I don’t have a public spreadsheet for strength training right now; I log strength training on fitocracy.


3 thoughts on “Fitness goals

  1. Wow! Doing a pull-up! I have never been able to come close to doing one, probably never will, unfortunately! Although, these goals look good. Good luck with c25k, I was able to successfully start running that way and honestly crossing the finish line at your first race will totally be worth all the pain and work it took to get there! 🙂 Good luck, Girlie! I’m rooting for you!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence! But I was so excited when I found your blog — I have the same desire to be active, fit, and healthy, and your long-term efforts to make that happen are really inspiring! I look forward to seeing what you do to keep active while pregnant. 🙂

      I have never done a pull-up or a real push-up. But I will get there! I am already stronger than I was just a few weeks ago. A little step towards the goal!

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